Grants and financial help

There are currently three main schemes operating that potentially offer financial help to local householders wishing to improve the energy performance of their homes:


Feed in Tariff

For people who install PV, wind or hydro schemes generating renewable energy, the government has set up the Feed in Tariff which guarantees annual payments of up to 15.44p per unit generated and 4.64p for each returned to the grid. All guaranteed for 25 years.

See the Energy Saving Trust website for more

Renewable Heat Initiative

Though the details of this government scheme have not been announced, it is likely to involve payments for all heat generated (eg solar panels and heat pumps) and to cover many years to generate returns of 6-12%. Our advice is to consider delaying investment decisions until more details are published.

See the Energy Saving Trust website for more

Free insulation via your own supplier

If you are a customer of one of the major gas or electricity suppliers you may be able to access their free insulation scheme. In some cases this is discounted. Check on your energy bill or on the web.

See also the Energy Saving Trust website

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