Our organisation

LCON is a registered charity and like many other charities, it is also a company limited by guarantee. This means the committee members are charity trustees and company directors. This type of company has members but no shareholders.

The Objects are to conserve, improve and protect the physical and natural environment for the public benefit by promoting:

    • the prudent use and sharing of resources;
    • the reduction of waste through re-use, reclamation, recycling, use of recycled products and use of surplus;
    • the reduction in the consumption of fossil based fuels;
    • the use of low carbon means of transport;
    • the reduction of carbon emissions from the growing, transporting, purchasing and preparing of food;
      with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of North Oxford by 80% by the year 2050.

and to advance the education of the public in the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote the study and research in such subjects and dissemination of the results of such research and study to the public.

Membership of LCON is open to residents of North Oxford* who are interested in promoting the charity’s Objects. Organisations operating in North Oxford can also become members. Members are eligible to vote at annual general meetings and can stand for election as trustees.

Membership is free and members can be actively involved or not, as they wish. In the unlikely event of LCON being dissolved and having debts, members could be asked to make a contribution, but no more than £10.

*Our North Oxford area is the City Council wards of Oxford North, St Margaret’s, Summertown and Wolvercote.

People interested in LCON’s work who do not wish to be full members or who are not eligible, can be Supporters instead. They can participate in activities, but not vote at the annual general meeting or stand as trustees.

To become a Member or Supporter, please visit our sign-up page.

Organisations can also join if they support our aims. Please contact us if you would like to discuss becoming an organisational member.

Our charity number is 1142169 and our registered address is 12 Apsley Road, Oxford OX2 7QY.