What’s our Foodprint? Public Meeting 6 March

Farmers Market

Low Carbon Food in North Oxford

7pm-8.30pm at the North Oxford Association

Low Carbon Oxford North hosted an evening of information and discussion around how our food consumption affects our carbon footprints – from growing, transport, packaging, cooking to waste, we talked about how the decisions we make affect greenhouse gas emissions.

Tom Curtis, of Oxford-based thinktank Landshare CIC presented findings from his 2012 Oxford Foodprinting project – What are the biggest issues facing Oxford? How can we build a more sustainable food system for our city? Tom showed us how to use Landshare’s foodprint calculator and gave some initial results of the project. For those of us who had thought Californian strawberries were the real no-no, there was a surprise: it’s red meat that really makes the difference to our foodprint. The project report will be out in April: we will link to it from here.

Dan Betterton then presented what local food co-operative Cultivate is attempting to do: build a member-owned community response to these issues here in Oxford.

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